Cleaning of HDB/Condo package 1

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HDB Home Cleaning Services in Singapore

Our company prides itself on providing high-quality, efficient home cleaning solutions so you can enjoy the luxuries of relaxing in a beautiful, hygienic environment. Our services cater across Singapore, taking care of HDB homes of all sizes for all families.

Condo Package 1: cleaning services for small homes

We offer different packages to suit your needs, with a negotiable number of cleaners depending on the floor area and job scope of your choice. Our Condo 1 Packages are designed for smaller residential properties ranging from less than 600-1,000 square feet in size. Each package includes a comprehensive cleaning service, including mopping, sweeping and vacuuming all floors, polishing window glass panes, and tidying up all rooms. We also give you the option to add extra services for a small additional cost, such as spring cleaning and ironing services.

Our home cleaning packages are determined by the area size of your property

Package 1.1

Area: <600 ft2

Time: 3 hours

Designed for homes that encompass a total area of less than 600 square feet, this service will give your home a thorough clean once a week for an estimated time duration of three hours of work.

hdb cleaning services in singaporehdb home cleaning services singapore

Package 1.2

Area: 601-800ft2

Time: 4 hours

This package caters to homes which measure between 601-800 square feet and is estimated to take four hours of effective cleaning time once a week.

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Package 1.3

Area: 801 – 1000ft2

Time: 6 hours

For houses measuring between 801-1000 square feet, we recommend our Package 1.3. This service entails an estimated six hours of work once a week to ensure a beautifully clean home.

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